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About ERDC Solutions

Erdc Solutions started in March 2020 with very small team and product range of about 250 on the portal with very unique products which can help learners to design and develop refine products. After receiving response from learners pan India, we started to take supplementary training in various schools & colleges to teach robotics, augmented reality, 3D Printers, Android app design etc which helped students to learn by practicing the subject...Read More


With a vision to encourages millions of young innovators in India, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) by NITI Aayog and Government of India, introduced a novel program "Atal Tinkering Laboratories" (ATLs). The goal is to transform the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. The Government of India focused on creating an eco-system in the country that nurtures the development and technological usage to deal with complex problems with advanced solutions. It enables a "Do It Yourself" approach for students that can push curiosity, creativity and imaginative minds, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing, etc. Atal Tinkering Laboratories (ATLs) have been idealized towards the futuristic skill sets among children by providing them with access to multiple technologies. It also enables youngsters to create new solutions to solve the challenges they see in their communities. By considering the Prime Minister of India’s vision to enable children to innovate and perform tasks on their own in India and take our country a step forward. Today, more than 13 thousand schools have applied for ATLs.

ATL Material Packages

Package 1

Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors


Package 2

Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors


Package 3

Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors


Package 4

Electronics Development, Robotics, Internet of Things and Sensors


Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is a flagship initiative of the Government of India. The aim is to create an innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem with the public-private partnerships, across India. The Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) initiative is aimed at enhancing the Indian Education System. It is converting thoughts to reality, where the young children (max 12 years of age) are being introduced to the world of technological innovation. ATL made to experience totally different microenvironments in Indian schools. This is allowing the children to work around their area of interest without having a fixed syllabus.

The ATL mission is empowering a nationwide mass movement, creating millions of young pioneers at the very beginning. The initial focus of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is towards creating an institutional framework, to raise innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The Mentor of Change (MoC) Program is another National Movement governed by AIM with a goal of building a stronger nation. It is a campaign for the citizens where the skilled professionals provide free guidance to young ATL innovators. AIM's Atal Incubation Centres (AICs) are creating super fine ecosystems for start-ups to prosper with the required handholding (access to mentoring and investor networks).


The intent behind the creation of Atal Tinkering Labs include the following reasons:

  • To design creative workspaces where young minds can master innovation skills, shape ideas through hands-on activities, and learn new techniques in a flexible environment
  • To empower the young generation with skills of creativity, innovation, analytical thinking, design thinking, social & cross-cultural collaboration, ethical leadership, etc.
  • To provide golden opportunities to work with tools and equipment to understand the what, how and why aspects of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
  • To help create advanced solutions for unique problems (in India) and provide support to grow as a knowledge economy.



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By merging the traditional teaching techniques with the latest learning techniques which include innovations and creativeness is going to be the key to the development of a unique mixture of the education system in India.

The Government of India has embarked on a noble mission to create an ecosystem that encourages futuristic skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, adaptive learning, and computational skills in children. ATL initiative opens a vision to create millions of neoteric innovators.

With this initiative, the imaginative and problem tackling capability of young children is being nurtured. This step is equipping them with the desired skills of the future.

The approach to several ATL assets is serving children with creative and dynamic solutions to real-world problems. In addition, the main aim of the initiative is to create an army of dynamic innovators to create a New India.